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Which Stocks Feeling Pinch of Strong Dollar?

The economics of a stronger dollar offer mixed blessings. On one hand, a stronger dollar means that foreign goods are less expensive which benefits consumers and, for example, travelers who visit countries with weakened currencies. It can help companies too, particularly those that import a great deal of their production and raw materials used for building products and hardware.[…]

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Oil – The Three Biggest Worries

We think it’s high time someone put their foot down and called the collapse in oil prices what it really is: a net positive! I find it interesting that, when oil prices are high, the narrative is negative. But, when prices fall precipitously and energy becomes cheaper that’s also a bad thing![…]

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Market Corrections – The Single Most Important Feature

The market abruptly slipped into correction territory to start the year charting a virtual free fall from its December 29th level.
The S&P 500 is Retesting Correction Lows

Any relief gained from market rallies has been rendered obsolete in these first few weeks.[…]

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Will Stocks Be Impacted by China’s Volatility?

China’s wild volatility is back. Investors were greeted in the New Year with a replay of last summer’s Chinese markets drama and big single day downswings in the first week of trading.
The source of the turmoil can be traced to two factors,[…]

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Stocks and Election Years – Worrisome or Welcoming?

The stock market is chock-full of patterns and theories that drive investment decisions like “sell-in-May-and-go-away,” the “Santa Claus rally,” and so on. Another popular pattern theory relates to how stocks perform during an election cycle. With the presidential election coming this year,[…]

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Stock Market Gloom or Glee on 2016?

2015 was a fairly disappointing year for most investors with flattish returns and a sizable summer correction that jarred sentiment. To be sure, we weren’t expecting much to begin with for stocks on the year – modest single digit returns that would,[…]

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Deteriorating Credit Market – Harbinger for Recession?

The high-yield (junk) bond space has been under legitimate pressure over the last few months, and there may be even more trouble ahead. You can pick from any variety of negative developments to help you make a bearish case (if you’re so inclined): performance over the last six months has been dreadful,[…]

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Fed Raises Rates – So What Happens Now?

Following The Fed’s rate hike on Wednesday, the market has been volatile to the downside as many feared would occur. Still, keep in mind that the immediate market response to the Fed’s interest rate hike Wednesday was positive: the S&P 500 rose +1.45% that day (this was likely due to the length of time the rate hike had been on the radar;[…]

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Is the Dollar Threatened?

I’ve received several questions from clients over the last few days regarding China’s currency, the yuan. Almost all of them were some variation of these three: with its acceptance into the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) ‘Special Drawing Rights’ basket, is the yuan a threat to the dollar’s status as the world’s top reserve currency?[…]

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December 2015 Stock Market Outlook (In Brief)

U.S. Markets
December is here. Small gift buying stirs the season. Yet, that’s not what keeps stocks rising. Visible U.S. share buying is typical seasonal performance chasing by mutual fund managers. Late year markets like to stage a Santa Claus rally.[…]

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