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How Dividend Stocks Turned a Janitor into a Millionaire

October 20th, 2015

Ronald Read spent the better part of his life working as a mechanic and a part-time janitor at J.C. Penney—a far cry from the highly skilled jobs that normally produce millionaires over time.
Yet, following his passing last summer, Mr. Read’s estate made its first distributions—$4.8million and $1.2 million to the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and the Brooks Library,[…]

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Can an Advisor Manage Better than Me?

This is the first article in a twice-monthly new series from Mitch Zacks answering your individual portfolio related questions.
This week, Orlando, FL asks “Can an Advisor Manage Better than Me?”
I don’t like to answer a question with a question,[…]

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Bear Market or Classic Correction?

Volatility has rattled the market with the S&P 500 down slightly more than 11% in just six trading days (though 8/26/15). Global markets have fared worse. But, my advice to you now is – don’t let it rattle you too.
To many investors,[…]

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BIG Market Downturn – Trouble Brewing?

China rattled global equities on Tuesday, August 11 when they devalued the yuan against the dollar nearly 2%; the largest devaluation since China implemented its ‘modern’ exchange rate system in 1994. The S&P 500 immediately sank -1.5% at the start of trading on Wednesday (August 12),[…]

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